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The Nantucket Duckling

Meet ACk!

On the island of Nantucket lives a little duckling with a big problem. Ack is afraid to march in the annual Duckling Parade. Will he be laughed at because his beak is so different?  Or will he find a way to avoid the Parade before it's too late? Ack: The Nantucket Duckling is a celebration of unconditional love and self acceptance. You’ll be inspired as Ack learns to stop hiding his differences and embraces his uniqueness.

Our mission is to make the world a kinder and safer place for kids.

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Made with kindness

Every purchase from Nanducket helps support Stomp Out Bullying.

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Sustainable materials and ethical labor

We believe in materials that are environmentally friendly and sourced from factories that use ethical labor practices.

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Designed by Moms

As a woman-owned business, everything we do is inspired by our own kids and designed with care to last through every childhood adventure

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Small batches

We manufacture in limited quantities so every piece is as special as your own little duckling.

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