Sullivan Short - Sky Blue


Jack used to dread having to wear his dress clothes, which were always stiff and uncomfortable. He would feel disappointed whenever his mom reminded him to change out of his play clothes and into something more formal. But one day, Jack's mom surprised him with a new pair of Sullivan Shorts that were both stylish and comfortable.

Jack was thrilled with the way the shorts fit him and how easy it was to move around in them. He loved how comfortable they were and how they made him feel. In fact, Jack loved his new shorts so much that he started wearing them to school even on days when he didn't have to dress up.

Wearing his Sullivan Shorts made Jack feel happy and comfortable, and he was grateful to his mom for finding something that he loved to wear. From that day on, Jack decided that he might even smile for the camera if asked.

Sky Blue with matching logo.


Internal adjustable elastic waistband.

Belt loops.

Sizes 2-6 pull-up shorts have a faux button.

Off-seam slant pockets, back welt pocket.

Machine wash.